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Police, Fire & EMS Uniforms, Police & Fire Tactical Gear

Badges & Insignia

Custom Screen printing & Embroidery

Custom Tailoring done on premises





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Rothco carries the largest selection of military, tactical and law enforcement uniforms. Including classic military BDU Pants and Fatigue Shirts as well as advanced Tactical Pants and Combat Shirts.

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For four generations, the Blauer family has set the standard for public safety apparel in the United States. Through continuous innovation in materials, design, and engineering, working closely with those who use their products in the field, the Blauers have helped to ensure that those who protect their communities are protected on the streets.

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Ask anyone who already owns one of our vests, Safe Life Defense is DIFFERENT than any other tactical brand. Why? Because we choose to prioritize YOU first. We believe our job is to protect your life and prepare you for any threat by creating the most innovative gear on the planet. In addition, we believe that everyone – from normal civilians to elite police SWAT teams - has a right to FEEL SAFE & PREPARED with our elite tactical gear.

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5.11 Tactical was founded in 2003, with its roots tracing back to the FBI Training Academy. The brand was born when an FBI instructor noticed the need for a more durable and functional pair of tactical pants and reached out to outdoor clothing company Royal Robbins for help.

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Not everyone is cut out for this work, and not every uniform is up to the task. Elbeco uniforms are designed for the demands of the job and those who do it.

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Even though Boston Leather serves many industries and they all have one thing in common: The work that’s getting done in each is anything but easy. Uniformed professionals in law enforcement and firefighting have relied on our products for decades. These are just two of many industries that count on us for products that are as reliable as they are heavy-duty. 

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Blackinton® is a privately held family-owned company. We are the largest manufacturer of public safety badges and uniform insignia in the United States. We take pride in serving the nation’s leading police, sheriff, government, security and fire departments. Blackinton was established in 1852 in Attleboro Falls, Massachusetts. Blackinton has remained in the same town since 1852. Since, this time we have watched many companies close or move out of state.

Blackinton combines old world craftsmanship with cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, resulting in the production of the industry’s finest quality products. In fact, Blackinton is the market leader. Equally important, is we continue to be the first to bring new technologies to the market! To illustrate, here are some of the new and exciting product features we have introduced.

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Trusted by military, police, and civilians for decades, SIG SAUER has earned a worldwide reputation for the unquestioned accuracy and unflinching reliability of its pistols and rifles.

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Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of rugged, reliable firearms for the commercial sporting market. With products made in America, Ruger offers consumers almost 800 variations of more than 40 product lines, across both the Ruger and Marlin brands. For almost 75 years, Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. has been a model of corporate and community responsibility. Our motto, "Arms Makers for Responsible Citizens®," echoes our commitment to these principles as we work hard to deliver quality and innovative firearms.

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As promised by the Declaration of Independence and granted by the Bill of Rights, Americans have been empowered with the freedom and self-reliance to write their stories as they pursue their goals and dreams. For nearly 250 years in the cities, towns and remote corners of our country each story joins the millions of stories that weave the fabric of the American experience.

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The foundation for everything we do is an unswerving commitment to excellence. This is accomplished through technological leadership, in depth product research and development, responsible marketing, and strategies that create and shape markets. We consider it a fundamental obligation to deliver the best possible products to our customers, the words “No Compromise” are more than a motto, they are the core of our corporate philosophy.

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Česká zbrojovka’ translates to ‘Czech armory,’ and at one time there were many ‘CZs.’ Our sister company Česká zbrojovka a.s. Uherský Brod dates back to 1936, when it was established as a branch plant of Česká zbrojovka Strakonice. Production commenced on January 2, 1937 focusing on both military and civilian arms. The first products out the door were aircraft machine guns, military pistols and small-bore rifles, but during WWII the plant came under Nazi occupation and was forced to produce and repair military arms.

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GLOCK is a leading global manufacturer of firearms. The simple, safe design of GLOCK’s polymer-based pistols revolutionized the firearms industry and made GLOCK pistols a favorite of military and law enforcement agencies worldwide and among pistol owners. In 2021, GLOCK celebrated its 35th anniversary in the United States. Renowned for featuring three safeties

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Founded in 1982, Taurus Holdings, Inc. is a Georgia based holding company which owns some of the most robust firearms brands currently available on the US Market. Taurus Holdings is owned by the famous publicly Brazilian firm Taurus Armas, S.A. Taurus Armas not only builds the firearms for which it is rightfully famous, but also an incredible array of globally distributed consumer and industrial products.

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Our company's founders didn't mess around, and their spirit of American, get-it done ingenuity has always been Savage Arms' driving force. All of our category-changing innovations have come from just such a place of principle. We're constantly looking ahead, finding new ways to leverage technology to push performance ever higher.

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In 2012 Canik partnered with Century Arms to introduce Canik TP pistols to the U.S. market. The company has quickly risen to the forefront of firearm conversations, including being named the 2018 Editor’s Choice for Versatile/Value Pistol by Ballistic Magazine. The pursuit of excellence continues in 2019 with the new TP9 Elite Combat that comes standard with performance upgrades by Salient Arms International.

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Founded in 1982, Taurus Holdings, Inc. is a Georgia based holding company which owns some of the most robust firearms brands currently available on the US Market. Taurus Holdings is owned by the famous publicly Brazilian firm Taurus Armas, S.A. Taurus Armas not only builds the firearms for which it is rightfully famous, but also an incredible array of globally distributed consumer and industrial products.

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A global company with a proud, long-standing heritage through FN Herstal, we are passionately committed to providing dependable, innovative firearms of the highest quality to our customers who rely upon us to enhance their performance and safeguard their lives.

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Since 1919, Mossberg® has been the leader in introducing important design breakthroughs to the firearm industry. Many product features pioneered by Mossberg® are now the standards by which all modern firearms are judged. Never content with the status quo, our men and women constantly strive to improve and update the capabilities of all Mossberg® products. In accomplishing this goal, we recognize that each improvement is a part of the “Shooting System” approach and most are designed to fit the shotgun you bought years ago.

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In 1985, Armscor Precision International opened its first United States office in Pahrump, Nevada. A short while later, Armscor acquired the Rock Island Armory brand, a leading M1911 manufacturer and developer.

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The Walther Defense Division is a team of professional individuals with passion and skill to help advise Walther ensuring the brand leads the industry in concealed carry, duty, and home defense markets.

To ensure real-world experience is incorporated into every Walther product from the ground up, the Walther Defense Division consists of leading trainers and industry professionals. Each member of this unique team is a specialist in a particular area of handgun self-defense. Combining these different skill sets and experience assists Walther in creating performance leading products, bringing all this incomparable knowledge into the DNA of every product.

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Oliver Fisher Winchester was an innovative and driven man who saw the future of firearms and built an industrial empire around the lever-action rifle. Born in Boston in 1810, Winchester’s initial foray into business was as a maker of men’s shirts. Seeing the economic potential of the fast-growing firearms industry, Winchester began to assemble investors and secure venture capital, and in 1857 bought a controlling interest in the Volcanic Repeating Arms Company from two inventive gentlemen named Horace Smith and Daniel B. Wesson. 

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Colt® firearms enjoy a reputation throughout the world for accuracy, reliability and quality. Colt pistols and revolvers are carried by military and law enforcement personnel in numerous countries, and are used by hunters and sportsmen and sportswomen worldwide. Colt commercial, sporting, military and law enforcement rifles enjoy similar renown.

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Legendary Performance

Over the years, firearms bearing the Rossi name have led the way in design and engineering, all the while remaining an affordable product without any sacrifice to quality.

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When you’ve scouted every field and marked every map. When there’s no more ground to cover and no more heart-shaped tracks pointing the way. When your gun has no place else to point and no more stories to tell. Only then will we call it the off-season. Welcome to the hub of Thompson/Center firearms—where the hunt never ends.

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